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Are you struggling to get enough clients?


Online Marketing can be overwhelming & frustrating ... 
but it doesn't have to be.

Attract More Clients with Ease! 
Hit the Ground Running in 2020

Go From:

  • Inconsistent leads and income
  • Having no proven plan or strategy for attracting clients
  • Doing everything yourself
  • Spending too much time on social media and not producing any traction or ROI
  • Frustration and Overwhelm

To marketing that feels aligned, easy and fun

  • Being found consistently for the search terms your prospects are using.
  • Having views, comments, a following and momentum.
  • Building a list that’s bringing more sales.
  • Being recognized as an authority and thought leader
  • Selling that is easier, it’s an attraction process now…not an uphill battle.
  • You are focused, clear, and confident.
  • And connecting with other influencers becomes easier

People need your help and
you're looking for a better way to reach them


There are millions of people in the United States who are suffering from chronic conditions. They are researching different treatment options and are looking for holistic practitioners and coaches to guide them.

Wellness Hub helps holistic practitioners and health coaches master marketing online so that they can attract more clients, make a bigger impact (help more people), and build a profitable business doing it.

Wellness Hub is a niche platform and community dedicated to holistic health information and our audience is specifically looking for this information.

"Wellness Hub provides a great platform for us as holistic practitioners. Sandra is always there to help and provide suggestions. I am happy I am able to promote myself to a larger audience. I appreciate all the help and exposure. Thank you Wellness hub & Sandra!"

Vinaya Saunders
Teacher, Ayurveda & Yoga

Introducing Wellness Hub Member Pages: Where Your Ideal Clients Can Learn About You

Wellness Hub Member Profile

(Our Platform is Easy to Use even if you aren’t techie)

  • Easy to Complete form to create your page in minutes
  • Upload Blog Articles
  • Upload Videos
  • Create Special Promotions – in time for the holidays
  • Post Events -promote your classes & courses
  • Share lead magnets/Opt Ins -build your list
  • Invite Customer Reviews and Ratings -for social proof

We Promote Our Customers

Wellness Hub invests in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media. We act as promotional partners for our customers and we share our members content to bring them more visibility. We are committed to helping our customers get results. We provide training on how to make the most of our platform, to create profiles and content that concerts, to build social proof and a referral network.

Your Success Path

A Profile Page That Converts

We’ll teach you how to nail your niche and About descriptions/key messaging to generate more calls

Share Your Content - Articles & Videos

We'll share tips, templates, and recommend copywriters who can help you create content that turns strangers into customers. We'll then promote it in social media.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

We’ll give you a script you can use to invite customers to give you reviews on Wellness Hub. Positive Reviews and Ratings build social proof for your services.and attract more customers.

Build your referral network in Wellness Hub

We’ll teach you how to create referral and promotional partners. This is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.

Without the proper framework, training, community, resources and support;  it can be difficult to gain traction and momentum marketing online.

Hi, I’m Sandra.

I’ve been working with holistic health practitioners and health coaches for the past 5 years to attract more clients online.

I’m seeing far too many good practitioners and coaches out there that want to help more people but are not able to grow their business, because they don’t understand marketing.

Our ideal customer is committed to growing a profitable business (not a hobbyist).

We can get better results for practitioners, healers and coaches who share articles and success stories on our platform that we can help promote to attract more leads. Consistent high-quality content turns strangers into customers.

If you aren’t a copywriter, no worries. You can hire a copywriter to help you create articles. (We can recommend some). 

Your Online Advertising Options

What it Costs to Hire Consultants to Manage Your Online Marketing:
  • Google Ads – Management Fee - $500-1,000./month + $1,000 Ad Spend ($1.20 -$7.00 per click)
  • Facebook  Ads – Management Fee: $1,300 -2,900/month + $500-1000. Ad spend (Cost Per Lead $5-10./lead)
  • Social Media Marketing/PostingManagement Fee: $300- 10,000./month
  • Search Engine Optimization - $1,500./month

The Wellness Hub Marketing Solution

Expand your online presence, improve your search rankings, attract more leads

Professional Business Page


(Less than 1$ a day)

Save $51 with annual investment

Member Profile – Be Listed Among Peers

Upload Articles and Videos -Build your audience

Share Special Promos

Calendar Listings

Social Media Marketing

SEO for your Articles

Private Facebook Community


Featured Business Page


(Less than 2$ a day)

Save $111 with annual investment

(Only 6 spots available)

Featured on the Home Page

First in search results

First in line for social media shares

Member Profile – Be Listed Among Peers

Upload Articles & Videos -Build your audience

Share Special Promos

Calendar Listings

Social Media Marketing

SEO for your Articles

Private Facebook Community


 Imagine having more confidence, clarity and success marketing your business with the support of Wellness Hub and your peers in Wellness Hub. We are closing enrollment at 6:00pm PST on December 6 so that we can focus on getting our new members up and running and ready for the New Year. This is the last change to lock in at our Founding Member prices - grandfathered pricing from future price increases.









Try Wellness Hub Risk-Free

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

2 Free Bonus Trainings

Nail Your Niche Live Workshop

January 8., 3 p.m.  EST

This will be a 2-3 hour Live Training on Zoom that will be recorded

Value: $297

Content that Converts Workshop

January 22, 2 p.m. EST

This will be a 2-3 hour Live Training on Zoom that will be recorded.

Value: $297

Total Value: $594‬

Frequently Asked Questions

Anywhere between 7 and 20 % of annual revenue (on the higher end if your business is less than 5 years old.
This is an example calculation
You charge $100./session and the average customer does 4 sessions with you – they are worth $400. How much are you willing to spend to acquire that customer? The higher the $ value of the customer, the more you can spend to acquire a customer.
In almost every case, even if you only acquire 1 new customer from being a Wellness Hub member, the cost of the membership will more than pay for itself and be a great Return on Investment - plus you will learn how to master marketing and improve your search ranking in the process (and gain a promotional partner to support you.)

What is the price of not taking action?

  • More inconsistent income.
  • What is it costing you to do it yourself?
  • How much time is it taking?
  • You can do what you love and help people or sit on the sidelines -waiting, wishing, wondering, and regretting.
  • Your flock is waiting ...


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