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Our Why:

Wellness Hub is a learning platform and community dedicated to holistic health, personal development, and spiritual growth. Our mission is to make holistic health information and resources more easily accessible. And to provide illumination & resources of truth so it's easy for people to find when they need it.

Our promise:

Wellness Hub is a platform that provides opportunities for visibility, community, learning, and promotion for holistic healers, coaches, practitioners and teachers. Our customers who regularly share content and use the platform are incredibly happy with their experience. Be part of a community that runs at the vibration of Love, Truth, Inclusivity, and Divine Oneness.

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"Wellness Hub has offered our business the opportunity to grow the marketing and outreach of our practice. There are various tools that you can take advantage of. From the Blog articles, to being able to post specials and detailed information about different practitioners. We have found great value in Sandra's services on Wellness Hub. They also help us get event information out to the community through their social media sites. Thank you Wellness Hub for the services you provide for our Wellness community. Patients are being helped everyday to find the right fit for their health needs."

Rose Wellness Center
Integrative & Functional Medicine Practitioner

"Love the Wellness Hub experience. Sandra Chaloux and Wellness Hub have been super helpful to me and my marketing strategy. I can post all my events on the website, and having a presence on here helps get the word out about the practitioners at my practice. Sandra is always there with advice for marketing and blog posts, so we don't feel like we are stumbling around in the dark. I'm so happy we found Wellness Hub and Sandra!"

Lara Lattman

"Wellness Hub provides a great platform for us as holistic practitioners. Sandra is always there to help and provide suggestions. I am happy I am able to promote myself to a larger audience. I appreciate all the help and exposure. Thank you Wellness Hub & Sandra!"

Vinaya Saunders
Teacher, Ayurveda & Yoga

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    Example Member Profiles 
    Sandra Chaloux's Profile
    Rose Wellness Center's Profile

Hi, I’m Sandra.

I work with holistic health practitioners and health coaches to help them increase their visibility online - so they're easier to find by their ideal clients. And they can help more people.

I’m seeing far too many good practitioners and coaches that want to help more people but aren't able to reach as many as they'd like because they don’t have their marketing doing what it should. 

If you're committed to growing a profitable business, I'm committed to helping you. With the right approach and the knowledge of what to do,  you can grow your business and share your knowledge in the way you dream to.  If you're a practitioner, healer or coach and you'd like to attract more ideal customers, let's have a chat to see how Wellness Hub can serve you, so you can serve your clients.  Let's help you connect with those that are looking for you!

There are people who need you.
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