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How to Attract Your Ideal Clients Online Easily, even if you are not a wiz in technology, social media, or marketing…

Marketing Fundamentals

What you need to succeed in business now

  • Clarity about who your ideal clients are and the problem you solve for them as well as the result you help them achieve. Recognition that you are here to serve certain people and successful marketing efforts call these people to you.
  • A reliable way for your ideal clients to hear about you
  • Trust -people buy from people they know, like & trust
  • Share valuable free content to establish trust and draw your ideal clients to you. (Recognize that we are educators -especially when we are offering alternative approaches to healing)
  • An Irresistible offer -first as a free gift/opt in to join your email list to nurture and turn strangers into customers, second -your paid offering. (Did you know that prospects typically need to hear from you 8 times before they purchase anything from you?)
  • Promotional/Referral Partners who can let other people know about you and your superpowers/services Social proof -testimonials and positive reviews of customers you have served

Where Wellness Hub Comes In…

  • Wellness Hub is a platform/community dedicated to holistic healing information so our audience is specifically looking for this. While we don’t have the volume of users as the big social platforms, we attract your ideal clients and higher-quality leads.
  • User-friendly member dashboard and SEO-optimized profile page and forms that make it easy to upload and share videos, articles, events, opt-in offers, a website link, and special promotions.
  • Community that embraces alternative and holistic approaches where your content will be valued and shared with others. (We get you and celebrate you!) Join our private FB group for support and encouragement.
  • Customer reviews and ratings on your profile will build social proof and help you attract more ideal clients
  • Ongoing Traffic to your landing pages, website, appointment calendar links -improving your website SEO ranking
  • Promotional/referrals partners -Wellness Hub will share your content on Facebook and Instagram and with our email subscribers. The more we know about you and your superpower/ideal customers and the specific problem you solve, the better we are able to send leads to you. We see ourselves as promotional partners for our clients.
  • Livestream Interviews with Wellness Hub members – Wellness Hub will begin featuring/interviewing our members on Facebook Livestreams to share valuable content and generate additional exposure for our members.

Our view on Collaboration versus Competition

We all have different and unique assets, experiences, and super-powers that are meant to be fully expressed and to fit together into an overall Divine plan.

Collaboration allows us to create wholeness and sufficiency for everyone. Collaboration and reciprocity are natural and yet in our world, competition and the fear of scarcity, block us from seeing what is possible if we collaborate.

In a you-or-me world, reciprocity and collaboration don't fit. Connections forged in this scarcity mind-set are inherently lonely and self-limiting.

A you-and-me world is full of collaborators, partners, sharing, and reciprocity. In that world, our resources are not only enough; they are infinite.

We find sufficiency and sustainable prosperity when we think of our resources as a flow that is meant to be shared, when we put our full attention on making a difference with what we have, and when we partner with others in ways that expand and deepen that experience.

Finally, we believe that we are better together and that community matters.

Join us and be part of our growing social network!


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