Finally, Marketing that Feels Good & Attracts Your
Ideal Clients

Marketing Success from the Inside Out

You’re in the right place if you are holistic healer, practitioner, teacher or coach who wants to reach and serve more people & fill your online programs or calendar more consistently.

Maybe You

  • Have trouble explaining what you do
  • Haven’t clearly identified your niche (ideal audience) or specialty
  • Don't know how to get out there and sell yourself
  • Aren’t generating enough qualified leads to enroll into your programs
  • Want to feel more spiritually aligned & connected with your efforts
  • Don’t have a focused marketing plan that aligns with your strengths, vision, values
  • Need help to consistently create the content that will attract your ideal customers
  • Aren’t comfortable with Marketing Your Services or Programs
  • Are frustrated because you want to make a living with your work but haven't been able to yet
  • Have inconsistent income & lots of self-doubt

Instead ...

Imagine what is possible for you (and the people you serve and support) if you could master marketing, your mindset and build a thriving business. Imagine having a wait list for your services and programs.

We're here to train & support you!  You don't have to figure it out on your own....

How many people are mirroring back to you a sense of possibility that you can do it, or are connecting you with the resources you are missing? If the answer is no one or very few people, you have a support-deficit.

We are passionate about helping you actualize your higher possibilities. We'll mirror back to you the truth of who you are and support your vision of who you're becoming instead of who you've been.

We'll train you on our five step Aligned Client Attraction Process which you will customize to fit your goals, desires, and strengths.

We'll provide accountability so you show up in ways that are consistent with the future you're committed to creating.

At some point most successful entrepreneurs realize that they need help to create and manifest the business of their dreams. If you want to actualize your vision, you'll need support.

Our Why....

We are seeing so many good healers and coaches that are struggling to connect with the people who need them. That is why we created our Aligned Client Attraction System training and mentoring program and the Wellness Hub holistic health platform. We work with growth-minded and committed business owners in the holistic healing and wellness space who offer their services or programs online. If you want to learn more about working with us, Schedule a Free Marketing Success Discovery Session (Value: $347.)


Schedule me for a FREE 1:1 Marketing Success Discovery Session ($347. value)

If you check all the boxes you are a good candidate for our strategy session.


Marketing Success Discovery Session 

 I intend to create a business full of my Ideal Clients and experience abundance!

I am receptive to intuitive guidance on how to align my efforts and co-create with my Divine Source and serve at my highest level.

I know my current marketing efforts are not supporting me in the best way possible, and I’m ready to change that.

I am ready to create a focused marketing approach to more easily reach my ideal clients.

I invest in myself when I see I need help, I invest the time, energy or money necessary to get the help I need.

My work is my mission and I choose not to waste any more time on efforts that don’t feel good or aligned.

I highly value this offer and I fully commit to showing up for my session with the Wellness Hub Strategist ready to take action on their suggestions.

What to Expect in our Marketing Success Discovery Session...

This is a private 45-minute one-on-one Marketing Success Discovery Session on zoom with Sandra Chaloux at no charge. ($347. Value.)

During this Free Marketing Success Discovery session:

  • we will assess your current situation, discuss what you intend to create & experience, and identify the best next action to take.

Note: We will only discuss our Aligned Client Attraction System program and Wellness Hub platform with those who are a fit & upon request.

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